Thursday, June 26, 2008


Linux started as a small project by a student Linus Torvalds, at the university of . He released the source code of his kernel to all for free, soon many people joined him in his work, and Linux evolved to what we know it now. The fact that Linux powers the most powerful super-computers, servers of today tells the importance of Linux. Are you fed up of your computer infected by viruses and spyware, ever thought why the servers at ISP who connects you to the internet doesn't get affected by these malware when all them come via them. The answer to this is that they use Linux for their work of routing data, which renders Windows viruses useless on their machines. Actually I am using Linux since 4 months and I am not affected by a single virus.
Linux can power all machines from the old i386 to latest Core 2 Quad and Xeon Quad Core processors. While supporting such wide range of machines, Linux uses less memory than other OS. For Ex: Windows Vista with minimum features cannot run on a computer with less than 512 MB RAM, while Linux machine that has even more functionality can run on 128 MB RAM. Of course if you need eye-candy you need at least 512 MB RAM. But that is quite good if compared to Windows Vista which requires at least 1.5 GB RAM to enable complete functionality (i.e eye-candy). Some OS running on Linux Kernel, can run with 64 MB RAM.
If after reading this you wanted to try Linux but leaving your Windows installation untampered, there is a good news for you. Many Linux distributers offer Linux distros that can be used directly from the CD/DVD without having to install them!!! All you have to do is just pop-in the Live CD into your CD/DVD drive and restart your PC. Then the real magic starts, the Linux kernel loads and ten loads the entire OS, within 2-3 minutes, your PC is back to life without using Hard-disk all via RAM!!!
So you think its all about eye-candy and Linux lacks behind, stop, and hold your words. There is a project, called Compiz Fusion which adds even more eye-candy to Linux than Windows Vista and Mac OS X. I dont want to speak more on it, the video below tells even more than my words. It will definitely leave you amazed by the power of Linux.

ReadyBoost the feature in Windows Vista that enables usage of a pen-drive as temporary place to store data, when it exceeds capacity of RAM is present in Linux even before it came in Windows Vista. Linux allows creating partitions in a pen-drive. There is no need to defragment hard-drive partitions formatted with Linux file-systems, because Linux file-systems are designed, in a way to avoid fragmentation of data. Even then Linux checks hard-drive partition for fragmentation after booting every 39 times.
Linux kernel and drivers are most stable and therefore PC running on Linux can be used for hours, Linux crashes rarely. Even if a program in Linux hangs, the crash handler quickly shuts down the programs, without affecting the remaining ones. This behaviour is exactly opposite to Windows OS in which the entire system hangs and you may need to restart your computer.
OS based on Linux Kernel are free. In fact they are called GNU/Linux OS, because the Kernel is Linux and other components are developed by GNU. Linux based OS are available as free download on the internet, that too legally!!! There are no hassles of buying software or searching them. Developers of OS maintain records of available softwares and make them available. Linux comes loaded with almost all the required drivers and softwares. I have copies of Linux based OS with me. I would have shared them with you if you were my nearby friend. For more on Linux based OS and their download links keep visiting this blog.

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